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   We love Fashion Design and our goal is to introduce our students to the excitement of  Sewing,  Sketching, Drafting, Patternmaking, and Draping the Fun and Creative Way.

   Our school offers a complete curriculum that teaches our students techniques, tips, theory and practice based in the European methods. 

   Our Owner has a degree in Haute Couture and Fashion Design, therefore we develop seamstresses with emphasis on high quality skills. 

Sewing Curriculum

   At Sew-Fashionable for Girls we offer a complete curriculum. Our students will be learning theory and practice, including but not limited to.....

  • Sewing Machine parts, operation and safety
  • Sewing Terminology, Theory and Practice
  • Body Measuring, and fitting
  • Hand Sewing, Stitches and Seams
  • Apparel Alterations and Mending
  • Reading Pattern Instructions
  • Fabric and Pattern layout
  • Identify Fabric Types, Theory and Practice
  • Cutting Material
  • Notions, special seams, zippers etc
  • Complete Sewing Projects according to the level
  • For a full curriculum, please contact us! 
Fashion Design School

offered only to our current and former students

  • Fashion Design Sketching
  • Fashion Design Drafting 
  • Pattern making 
  • Fashion Draping 
  • Unconventional Projects
  • For a full curriculum, please contact us!

   Sew-Fashionable for Girls teaches three different levels of education, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Every level will provide the student a complete learning curriculum to advance to the next level.

Sew-Fashionable for Girls provides the sewing machines and sewing tools for classroom use.

   A list of material for every project will be provided to the student and can be purchased at any fabric store. Projects are chosen by the student and approved according to their skill level.

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